PG Soft demo slots

PG Soft is a new entrant to the online casino niche. With a growing portfolio of over 120 video slots, the company claims to be here to revolutionise mobile app gamification. All of their games are designed with a mobile-first approach in mind, making them a perfect choice for playing on the go. Featuring an apparent Asian touch, PG Soft slots make a remarkable impression with stunning graphics, exciting gameplay and unusual bonuses. PG Soft slot developers use well-known slot mechanics (ways-to-win, stacked wilds, bonus buy), but they also work hard to come up with brand-new models and features (Wilds-on-the-way, Double Reels, etc.) They also employ math freelancers to bring out innovations in slot games. PG Soft demo slots give a complete picture of what you can expect from the game if betting real money.

Best online casinos to play PG Soft slots

PG Soft studio: Brief timeline

The company has passed an action-packed journey to becoming a fan-favourite in many countries, especially in Asia, where there are 42% of PG Soft’s customers, and Europe (36%). Here are a few milestones that shape important stages and completions of PG Soft:

  • 2017: PG Soft debuted at ICE 2017 - a roaring success
  • 2018: PG Soft launched a fully automated Tournament feature that is woven through all the video slots. The same year, they entered a partnership with Relax Gaming
  • 2019: The company presented their new Solo Jackpot games
  • 2022: The 100th game milestone was achieved with the release of the Asgardian Rising slot
  • 2023: PG Soft launched Money Rain, a new promotional feature

PG Soft licensing and certification

Since its foundation, the company has been expanding its footprint in the gambling industry. In 2022, it expanded its business to Lithuania, Italy, and Denmark. Today, it boasts of cooperating with 1060+ online casinos globally. Without a proper licensing background and proven RTP values, the company would not have achieved success in so many jurisdictions. Going by the provider’s official website, they have the following licenses and certificates, ensuring compliance with the best practices:

  • Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) license
  • Gambling Commission (Great Britain) license
  • BMM Testlabs certification
  • Gaming Associates (GA) certification

PG Soft slots: Distinctive features

Video slots released by one company or another have hallmarks that enable players to say, ‘Oh, this is definitely a slot by PG Soft, judging by what I can see.’ Slots from PG Soft are easily picked out from the rest. If you’ve played a couple of them, you will quickly notice the aspects in which PG Soft games differ.

The most important thing you’ll see the moment you load any of their games is the general layout. The point is that the studio decided to engineer all of its games for mobile devices only. So if you open any slot demo from PG Soft on a desktop or laptop, a portrait mode will be your only option for playing. While some developers allow one to switch between desktop/mobile orientation, thus customising the game to fit the device dimensions, PG Soft has adapted the mobile-only approach. Other characteristics of PG Soft slots you can find in online casinos are listed below.

On-the-fly access to symbol payouts

This feature is not unique; however, very few developers have implemented it so far. Nine times out of ten, a player can check out payouts for a winning combination by entering a payout table, which causes the active game screen to be overlaid by the payout table. This is not a big deal, but PG Soft slots are free from this shortcoming. When inside a video slot, you can click or tap any symbol on the field. This will grey out the screen except for the symbol in question, and you will see how many coins are awarded for a combination. A very convenient feature!

Oriental themes in PG Soft slots

Most online casino providers try to apply a broad thematic coverage to their slot games. They release slots devoted to history, fairytales, sci-fi, animal life, celebrities, blockbusters and other big-hit areas of interest. PG Soft tilts towards Asian themes: culture, life, mythology, etc. As a result, most video slots in the developer’s collection have a discernable style, which manifests in every smallest piece of the game: artwork, an eclectic mix of music and even Spin buttons that look like the Yin-Yang symbol. Tree of Fortune (their first video slots), Dragon Legend, Legend of Hou Yi, Hip Hop Panda and many other fascinating games are driven by Asian motifs.

Intro instructions in every PG Soft slot

When a slot is loaded, the intro picture shows instructions on how to improve the slot’s performance and other helpful tips, for example, ‘For the ultimate game experience, use Safari or Chrome!’, ‘If this is your first visit, downloading may take a while’, ‘Turn off idle pages, give me more resources’, etc. These informational messages are identical across all PG Soft video slots.

User interface in PG Soft slots

The development team made two universal user interfaces for all their video slots. No matter when the online casino game is released, you will have the same controls, buttons, and menu items. We need hardly mention that the UI is most comfortable when you play on a mobile device. Depending on the game functionalities and other technical aspects, the UI can look slightly different, but generally, the UI versions are very similar. Let’s take a closer look at the elements of a typical user interface of any PG Pocket Games soft.

  • The active part of the screen with the reels usually occupies about one-third of the display size. Almost every game has non-essential animations below or above the reels. For example, Hip Hop Panda shows a dancing panda, spotlights and stage elements that are animated all the time, even in an idle mode. Besides, there is usually a running line showing some important facts about the slot, like ‘This symbol destroys surrounding symbols,’ ‘This symbol awards free spins’, etc. Animations usually look on-point and never distract the player from the slot.
  • In both UI variations, the interface has three or five buttons and a hamburger menu, depending on the video slot. The Spin button is the largest element, located at the centre and rotating slowly when idle.
  • The button with three horizontal lines opens a new menu panel with a few intuitive controls that help players stay tuned during the game session.  

Slot rules

The ‘Rules’ button available in every PG Soft game opens comprehensive descriptions of the slot in question. It tells you the bet sizes, describes all bonus features, and unfolds the purpose of every button on the user interface. We encourage you to read slot rules in every game to understand the gameplay better, especially when you play for real money.  

Slot paytable

This is also an integral part of every PG Slot title. It shows payouts for each regular and bonus symbol combination. The payout values are always displayed in coins (or multipliers, whichever term you prefer), and this multiplier applies to the basic line bet. For example, a ‘300’ award for a 5-symbol match means you will win $3 for a one-cent line bet. A downside is that the said value can mislead newbies into thinking this is a money prize. Anyway, the coin representation of winnings in paytables is not a novelty - many providers have it.

Game history

History records are a helpful feature for players to control their spending. Clicking the ‘History’ button opens a table with four columns: Time, Transaction, Bet($), and Profit($).

Turbo Spin feature

In some jurisdictions, you will see a ‘Turbo’ button that activates an instant spin model. When active, every spin will take a split second. When the Turbo format is off, a spin lasts about 3-5 seconds. The Turbo Spin can be present or absent based on the gambling license issued to the online casino you are playing in, e.g. the UKGC expressly bans this slot feature.

Slots PG Soft for high rollers

Video slots from other studios typically have a higher spin limit of about $100-$150. This is a good offer for high rollers, but PG Soft has gone the extra mile and fitted some of its games with a ceiling bet of $300 and beyond. Peering into the provider’s library, we have deduced that around 10% of its titles would be ideal for heavy bettors. The top recommended games in this respect are

  • Dragon Tiger Luck: $500 max
  • Fortune Gods: $300
  • Rave Party Fever: $200
  • Totem Wonders: $200

Maximum wins in PG Soft games

Regarding the top prizes a player can win, PG Soft games offer excellent opportunities. Needless to say, demo PG Soft slots will bring you only fun credits, not real-money loot. The provider boasts of massive payouts, which are released for a combination of high-value symbols or as an outcome of a bonus feature. As is stated on the provider’s official site, some games have incredibly lucrative gameplay, so if you crave big wins, consider playing these games:

  • Wild Coaster: x50,000 Max win
  • Prosperity Fortune Tree: x20,000
  • Wild Ape #3258: x10,000
  • Gemstones Gold: x7500
  • Werewolf’s Hunt: x10,000
  • Forge of Wealth: x5000
  • Safari Wilds: x5000
  • Super Golf Drive: x8000

As of today, PG Soft has 12 video slots offering the top win of x100,000. These include Speed Winner, Bali Vacation, and Jack Frost’s Winter. Sure, the probabilities of hitting it are exceedingly low, but the luckiest players still have a chance of landing the needed combo.

Also, there are no slots with progressive jackpots as of writing this review. Some games have a bunch of fixed jackpots awarded during a bonus feature.

Bonus features in PG Soft slots

Every video slot from PG Soft has at least one bonus feature or bonus symbol. We cannot call their slots rich in features: There are usually free spins, a wild symbol (and its variations), and one mini-game in one video slot. Sure thing, this is not a rule - you will find many PG Soft slots with a different set of bonus features and models. Below you can find a short list of the most frequent features attached to video slots of this company.

Win multipliers

Some games have increasing multipliers that work as follows: A win in any spin increases the base multiplier to a specific value, e.g. x2. With any subsequent win, the multiplier rises as long as you get a winning spin in each new round. Video slots with this feature include Mermaid Riches and Tsar Treasures (multipliers up to x15).

Some games have an interesting and rare bonus feature known as reel multipliers. In Songkran Splash, every symbol taking part in a winning combination increases the reels’ multiplier by x1, thus making the resulting payout greater. A similar approach is found in the Cocktail Nights video slot.

Wild symbol variations

The idea of symbol substitution is not new in online casino games. Today, almost every video slot from PG Soft and other companies has a wild symbol in one form or another. In some games, it acts as a joker, replacing other symbols when a winning combo misses one or more regular symbols. In its simplest variation, a wild symbol does nothing but substitutes - and nothing else. As you can see in some PG Soft demo slots, they have many advanced variations of this feature:

  • Sticky wilds: Along with the classic type, Sticky Wilds come with a twist in some games. For example, the 5-reel Mermaid Riches has a special sticky wild that moves to a random position at the beginning of every spin and stays there for one spin.
  • Expanding wilds-on-the-way: This unique bonus is based on the Cascading Wins mechanics. It is implemented in a couple of video slots, such as the 6x6 Crypto Gold. So when a cascade of winning symbols gets underway, each new wave adds a silver and golden frame around random icons. The golden framed pics then transform all symbols on that reel into wilds. The feature is often accompanied by increasing multipliers.
  • Random wilds: Some video slots add normal wild symbols randomly. For example, Opera Dynasty has a Blue Flag bonus that activates anytime and adds 3 to 5 wild pics to the reels.  

Bonus Buy slots

Some games have a Feature Buy button that enables an interested player to get instant access to the game’s bonus feature. Sure thing, the player must pay for that instant entry into the feature. In Cruise Royale, the cost of getting eight free spins is x75 total bet. Similarly, the 7200-ways-to-win Asgardian Rising slot has the Feature Buy option that unlocks access to 12 free spins at the same price as above. Findings reveal that the functionality in question is present in about 10% of PG Soft slots.  

Free spins

This type of bonus is almost everywhere. Free spins are typically triggered when 3+ scatters appear in any position on the reels. The number of FS differs across the games, e.g. Pinata Wins offers 15 FS, Asgardian Rising and Songkran Splash have 12 FS each, while Dragon Hatch 2 has only two FS up for grabs. Interestingly, some slots allow one to extend the duration of free spins. If a scatter lands during the bonus feature, a player is awarded a certain number of additional free spins.

Some slots lack free spins, but this shortage is balanced out by other bonuses. In particular, Dragon Hatch 2, a 5x5 video slot, has no free spins but boasts sticky wilds, a Winning Symbols Collection Bar feature, Earth Dragon, Fire Dragon, and two more bonuses. Another funny creation of PG Soft, Ninja Raccoon Frenzy, has two 5x3 reel sets and a plethora of exciting bonuses, though no free spins are available. Experience shows that about two-thirds of PG Soft video slots are equipped with free spins.

Cascading Wins

In some video slots, there’s a popular Cascading Wins (Tumbling Reels) feature, which is also utilised in many games from other studios. The logic of this model is to give players a theoretically endless spin – though in a real sense, players normally win about 2-4 bonus cascades in a row. In layman’s terms, Cascading Wins make the winning symbols disappear, leaving space for new symbols that occupy these spaces with a chance to create new combinations. Video slots with cascading wins are Candy Bonanza, Dreams of Macau, and Dragon Hatch 2.    

PG Soft slots design and mechanics

Experts believe PG Soft is an innovative provider since it diversifies its game portfolio by shifting away from plain-vanilla 5x3 or Megaways schemes. In fact, the most prevalent reel layout is inspired by a traditional five-reel formation, but even five-reel slots from PG Soft have off-the-beat features and solutions attached. In addition to that, the provider has many 6-reel slots with a Megaways engine, slots with a diamond-shaped field (3-4-5-4-3), and  

slots with a square 5x5 playground. Below are listed some Soft PG slots featuring the most fascinating and peculiar gameplay patterns:

  • Cocktail Nights: 13,500 ways to win. The video slot has 6 reels and 5 rows as well as a Feature Buy option.
  • Mahjong Ways: 1024 ways to win. This immersive Asia-filled video slot can expand your winning streak with 12 free spins, cascading wins, and sizzling hot multipliers of x10.
  • Totem Wonders: A 3-reel slot with two additional reels, called Win Multiplier Reels. They modify the game by adding x1-x5 multipliers or a wild symbol.
  • Bikini Paradise: A 5x4 video slot with 25 bet lines.
  • Candy Bonanza: A 6x6 video slot with big symbols occupying four normal symbol positions.
  • Raider Jane’s Crypt of Fortune: The adventurous slot has a 3-4-4-4-4-3 field with sticky wilds.
  • Spirited Wonders: A cartoonish mix of Asian horror tales and legends, the slot is fitted out with a 4-5-5-5-5-4 formation.    

As you can see, PG Soft slots can break the monotony of your online casino visits. Along with riveting bonus features and big wins, you can explore different reel layouts while playing a demo slot or for real money.

Classic PG Soft slots

Fruit slots with three reels are rarely created by companies. You would be lucky to come across a dozen classic slots in your favourite online casino. The matter is that three-reelers have been in disfavour for the last few years, mainly because it’s hard to add some unique bonus features to games of this layout.

So, if you are looking for classic slots, go over the PG Soft collection, as it features more than 10 games of this kind. Furthermore, some three-reel slots of this igaming studio have a few advanced features, making them more memorable and entertaining. Try these classic demo slots from PG Soft:

  • Cash Mania: The 3-reel 1-line game has a money theme, multipliers up to x100, respins, free spins, and a Nudge feature. A quite stuffed game for a three-reeler.
  • Fortune Dragon: This unique title has a multiplier reel boosting your wins up to x10. By clicking the Sure Win button, you can have a guaranteed win every spin.
  • Hotpot: Not all slots with 3 reels are the same. Hotpot has an Asian food theme, with its cells spinning independently. The game has three fixed jackpots, the biggest being x500 total bet.
  • Dragon Tiger Luck: With two adjustable reel sets, this 3-reel slot boasts a huge maximum stake of $500 and a max win of x200 up for grabs.

RTP of PG Soft slots

There’s no rule in this respect, but conventionally, an RTP of 96.5% is widely deemed to be an average figure in the gambling slots industry. Of course, there are many slots having lower than that, and they are still highly praised by players. The total average return to player of the PG Soft suite is unknown; however, individual RTPs for each slot are displayed on the provider’s website, so if you want to know the average, you’ll have to do some maths. As of writing this, the top 5 slots with the lowest house advantage are as follows:

  • Flirting Scholar: 97.44%
  • Ninja vs Samurai: 97.44%
  • Muay Thai Champion: 97.38%
  • Leprechaun Riches: 97.35%
  • Dragon Legend: 97.15%

Judging by what we have seen on their website – though we cannot be sure this is true – each video slot has only one RTP value. No notorious flexible RTPs that many top providers indulge themselves in.


What are the best PG Soft slots?

The most popular slots in the collection are Pinata Wins, Wild Ape #3258, and Cash Mania. They have many bonus features, immersive gameplay, and high cash awards.

What PG Soft slots have the highest RTP?

The top three video slots with the highest return to player are Flirting Scholar (97.44%), Ninja vs Samurai (97.44%), and Muay Thai Champion (97.38%).

What are the best online casinos to play PG Soft slots?

The best online casinos are listed on this page. They have the complete library of PG Soft games and often include these games to bonus wagering.

Are PG Soft slots compatible with mobile devices?

Yes, all video slots from this developer run perfectly on mobile devices.

How many reels are there in PG Soft slots?

Most slots have five reels. About 10% of PG Soft games utilise a 3-reel model. Some games have 6 reels and a Megaways engine.

How much can I win in PG Soft slots?

The studio claims that some slots (Leprechaun Riches, Honey Trap of Diao Chan, Mahjong Ways 2) allow you to win up to x100,000 your bet.

What bonus features do PG Soft slots have?

There are many wild symbols (normal, sticky, expanding wilds), free spins, respins, cascading wins, and features related to symbol transformations.

Are there Megaways slots in the PG Soft portfolio?

Yes, there are a few Megaways slots in the PG Soft collection, though the provider itself does not call them β€˜Megaways’.